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    About My Link Helper's Free Links Manager

    About MyLinkHelper.com

    My Link Helper was created by webmasters for webmasters. The creators of MyLinkHelper.com own and manage numerous websites. Over the years we found the process of manually adding and modifying link partner's content was extremely time consuming and monotonous, it was at this point that we realized that we needed to take the time and expend the effort to build our own link management tools. After a few years of using these tools and adding more functionality along the way we decided to share what we have created with the masses.

    From the earliest discussions about MyLinkHelper.com we wanted to provide a free links management service which would enable everyone to easily manage their link directory pages. Being that we had initially designed an interface to support our numerous websites it only made sense that we stay with this format and allow other webmasters to simplify link management for the websites which they manage.

    In Early December 2006 we decided that we would take the next step and actually create a link management portal; at the time we had no idea we would be "MyLinkHelper.com" but the name resonates with us now.

    About Our Service

    Our link management service is provided to individual webmasters and website management professionals. The service helps to automate the manual process of category creation, link page submission, modification and deletion of link entries and reciprocal link checking. Although the submission process has been automated, each and every link submission is then either accepted or denied by the individual who is responsible for the content within each links directory. Our links management tool simply aids human beings in performing takes which are repetitive and mundane. While our service assists in the management of link directories, we have no role in acquisition or requests for new links. New links are submitted by 3rd parties, or by the individuals who manage the links directly.

    MyLinkHelper.com takes the following steps to ensure that each member is utilizing our service appropriately.
    • Rigorous Initial Site Review
    • - Before a website is allowed the ability to use our service, it must first be approved by a member of our staff.

    • Monthly Website Monitoring
    • - We manually check each account to ensure they are not violating our terms of service

    • Fast Response To Violations
    • - Any website which is reported to us as violating our terms of service will be immediately disabled from using our service until such time that it is determined otherwise. In the case of a violation of our terms of service, the website will be physically removed and banned from using our service.

    Who We Are

    • We are a professional link management company
    • We provide our users with a simple to use links manager
    • We promote a healthy & responsible internet
    • We behave ethically and insist our members do the same
    • We have no interest in providing our service to those who would take advantage of their web visitors

    What We Are Not

    • We are not a link swapping site.
    • We do not promote, nor do we condone FFA websites (free for all linking).
    • We do not assist in or solicit link exchanges.
    • We do not send out unwanted {spam} emails from this website.
    • We do not spider the internet harvesting email addresses for solicitation.
    • We do not sell links to be added into our member's link directories

    A Note To Search Engine Managers

    We understand that any website who deals with linking between websites will come under great scrutiny by search engine managers. We invite you to look around our service, and even create an account for yourself so that you will have all the information you require before indexing our website within your search results. We welcome the opportunity for you to see for your self that we are simply providing a service for legitimate webmasters and website managers.

    We as well as anyone understand the implications of unethical behavior with regards to link farming and related practices. We have put up safeguards to ensure that the users of our system are ethical and responsible individuals who DO NOT misuse our service. Please see our listing of websites who will NEVER be able to use our service Here

    No software to install, no FTP settings to adjust, just a simple script placed into your own webpage is all you need to get setup! you won't need to have someone help you customize the look and feel of our service, it assumes the settings of your website! Try the demo today...

    My Link Helper: Links Manager Demo

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