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    Free Links Manager Benefits Explained

    The benefits you will receive with our links manager service really depends on how you are currently managing your link resources. If you currently have your resource pages professionally managed by another link management company, then your primary benefit will be that there is no cost incurred with our service. If however, you do not have a professional managing your links then the benefits of our service are substantial. Please refer to our list of benefits below to see how simple managing your resource directory should be!

    Professional Link Management Benefits


    Automating the redundant and monotonous tasks involved with managing and maintaining a links directory is the primary reason our users opt to join our links management program. With our link management tool the majority of tasks which are either time consuming or technically challenging are taken care of for you.

    Without professional links management, simply adding a resource to your links page becomes a task which involves logging into your FTP account to download your links page, updating the page to include the new resource, then uploading the updated resource page back up to your web server. If you needed to expand your directory to add an additional category not only would you have to do the FTP dance, but you would also have to modify an existing directory page to reflect the new category information, then update all of your other directory pages to reflect the new directory page. A very time consuming process which is dreaded by any webmaster who needs to expand their directory.

    With MyLinkHelper's Links Manager we automate and simplify this process by allowing you to make additions, modifications and deletions of both your links and category information online with a simple to use control panel. Any changes you make are instantly visible on your website without going through the hassle of FTPing, or adjusting HTML code.


    Let's say for instance that you have a links directory which has 100's of links and 20 categories. Each category has it's own webpage page. Now you decide that you want to modify the look of your website, and will need to modify each of the 20 web pages to reflect the new design of your website. Definitely not something most webmasters would look forward to. When we professionally manage your links directory we do it all with just one webpage. Whether you choose to create a dynamic directory, or a custom 404 solution you will still have only one webpage to modify any time you choose to update your website design.

    Also, being that our service sends you HTML which is customizable by using a global stylesheet or individual style block placed in your links page, you have complete control over the look and feel of your directory. We even let you decide whether you would like your directory to be displayed on a single page, or if you would like to display in directory style. If you choose directory style your main directory page can be adjusted to show your categories in 1 to 4 columns depending on your preference. With a dynamic directory we even let you choose the name of your links page. By default we name the file "resources" but you may change the name of your links page to anything you want by adjusting one variable within your link code script.


    If you manage more than one website, not only does your workload grow exponentially, but so do the benefits of having your website directories managed by a professional link manager!

    In the past website managers had only 3 options:
      1. Submit their websites to another link management company and pay 100's if not 1000's of dollars a month to manage their website links.

      2. Build their own link management system (time consuming, expensive and difficult)

      3. Continue business as usual and eventually become overwhelmed with their workload.
    But now website managers have a 4th option by creating an account with! With our links manager you can add as many websites to your account as you need and manage all of your websites from one "user friendly" control panel.

    Link Tools

    Our link tools are another primary reason our users decide to join our service. Without a professional link management service evaluating the health of your links directory it is nearly impossible. Do you know who is linking back to you, and who is exploiting your links directory? If you have ever tried to manually check your link partners to see if they are still reciprocating links with your website, you know exactly what I mean.

    We provide you with tools such as our "Reciprocal Link Checker" and "Duplicate Link Checker" to take the time and effort out of determining the health of your link directory. These two tools can help you evaluate your link partners and give you the information you need to clean up your directory and delete any fraudulent link submissions. We also provide you with the ability to preemptively disallow websites who meet a certain criteria from submitting their website to your directory. You can setup your Global & Website level blacklists to stop unwanted submissions to your website directory.

    Simple Conversion

    We provide you with 2 mechanisms for to convert your old links into your new links management account. Depending on how your links page is contructed either by hand or if you store your link data in a database, we have created two easy to use processes for you to move your existing links directory to our service.
      1. Upload your current link data from your existing links database or link manager.

      2. Extract your links from your current website links page or directory using our Link Extractor.

    No software to install, no FTP settings to adjust, just a simple script placed into your own webpage is all you need to get setup! you won't need to have someone help you customize the look and feel of our service, it assumes the settings of your website! Try the demo today...

    My Link Helper: Links Manager Demo

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