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    Free Link Management - Links Manager Features

    Complete control of your links directory free! Add resources, modify links, delete links, check for reciprocal links on within your resource partner web pages, and manage the types of sites who are able to submit a link to your directory and much, much more. We also provide you with your own custom link submission form. To see what your submission form will look like have a look at ours Here

    Manage Links

    • Add a Link - Manually add a link to your web directory or links page.

    • Modify Links - Modify any link you add to your directory, and approve or deny new submissions.

    • Delete Links - Delete link submissions you find unsuitable for inclusion or any link partner's resource if you no longer wish to exchange with them.

    • Administer In Directory View - We display your link directory just as it shows on your website so that you can easily find and administer your link partners.

    • View Pending Submissions - View all pending submissions submitted by you or through our automated submission system and approve or deny them.

    • Search Website Resources - Search for any resource in your directory. Search by category / sub-category, title, domain name, email address or website description.

    Manage Settings

    • Add a Category - Manually add a new category for your web directory or links page.

    • Modify Categories - Modify any category name within your directory.

    • Delete Categories - Delete categories you no longer wish to display.

    • Alphabetize Categories - Alphabetize your categories with a click of a button.

    • Convert Category Names to Proper Case - Adjust your category names to display as proper case with a click of a button.

    • Adjust How Category Names are Displayed - Manually adjust your category names to show any category in any position, your categories need not be listed in alphabetical order.

    • Add Up to 25 Link Titles, Descriptions and URLs - You cannot describe your website with just one 2 or 3 word term, most websites have atleast a handful of keywords they wish to gain high rankings with. We allow you to add up to 25 keyword rich link titles which can point to any webpage within your site. The link information you provide is automatically rotated and displayed within your custom reciprocal link submission form.

    • Modify and Save your Link Request Email - Although we do not condone unwanted solicitation via email, we do understand that there may be times that you wish to contact a webmaster of a related site to request a link exchange. We have enabled you to modify and save the contents of your link request email(s) within our service so that you can cut & paste the email content and send the email from your email account.

    • Update the location of your Resource Page - Modify the location of your resource page, this ensures that when a 3rd party requests a reciprocal link exchange we show the correct location of your directory.

    Link Tools

    • Reciprocal Link Checker - The reciprocal link checker checks your link partner's specified link page to ensure that your link is still showing within their resource page. The results of this search is then available for your review.

    • Duplicate Link Checker - The duplicate link checker performs two tests on each of your resources. The first check determines if a single website has more than one link within your directory. The second check determines whether multiple websites have submitted entries to your directory and are only linking back to your website from a single resource page. The second test is a great way to illuminate fraudulent reciprocal submissions, which otherwise would be very difficult to find.

    • Edit Website Blacklist - The website blacklist tool enables you to deny submissions from websites you do not wish to exchange links with. You can enter blacklist keywords, or blacklist specific URLs from submitting to your website directory.

    • Copy Link Request Email - Access your saved link email request to send to webmasters who do not have an automated submission process.

    Account Management

    • Manage Primary Account - Allows you to view and manage your primary account and access each of your websites.

    • Modify Primary Account - Update your primary account details.

    • Add a New Website to your Account - Associate a new website to use with our links manager service.

    Global Options

    • View All Pending Links - Allows you to view all of your pending links for every website you have listed within our links management service.

    • Edit Global Blacklist - The global blacklist tool enables you to deny submissions from websites you do not wish to exchange links with. You can enter blacklist keywords, or blacklist specific URLs from submitting to ANY of your website directories.

    • Switch Websites - Switch to your desired website to administer the details of an individual website.

    Manage Websites

    • Get Website Link Code - Select and copy your desired link code format for access to our link management service.

    • Modify Website - Modify your website settings to ensure that your website and contact information remains up to date.

    • Delete Website - Permanent removal of a website you no longer want to have listed within our service.

    • Upload Links - Upload link data from an existing website or provider. Link file uploads must be in "delimited text" format.

    • Extract Links - Have a lot of links hard-coded in your links page? Not to worry, we have developed a tool which can visit your links page(s) and extract your link information. You then choose which category you would like to place your pre-existing link data in... and you're up and running.

    No software to install, no FTP settings to adjust, just a simple script placed into your own webpage is all you need to get setup! you won't need to have someone help you customize the look and feel of our service, it assumes the settings of your website! Try the demo today...

    My Link Helper: Links Manager Demo

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