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    How To Customize My Link Page Display

    Customization of you link page/directory is an easy process of changing the style of your resource page(s). You may use either method described below to change the size and color of elements within your links directory. While we do not describe all of the functionality of stylesheets we do provide all of the elements which effect the look of your resource pages.

    Using a Global Stylesheet:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mysitestyle.css"> (example)

    If you use a global stylesheet to control the size and colors of your website then you may have noticed atleast a few of the features of your page look similar to the content of your website. Listed below are the elements which you can add or modify to change your directory's appearance.

    Global Stylesheet Example

    See these values control our link directory

    Using Individual Page Style blocks:

    If you do not use a global stylesheet or if you want the changes to be applied ONLY to your link directory then using "Individual Style blocks" may be best for you. The "Individual Style blocks" must be located in the <HEAD></HEAD> section of your webpage.

    Individual Style block Example     (Copy & Paste this example for easier viewing)

    Links Manager Demo

    No software to install, no FTP settings to adjust, just a simple script placed into your own webpage is all you need to get setup! Try Our Links Management Demo today by visiting our Links Management Demo

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