What Our Members Have To Say About MyLinkHelper.com
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    What Our Members Have To Say About MyLinkHelper.com

    Company:   andrewjohnson.co.uk

    Feedback Submitted:

    This service may well be the answer to my prayers! I have been looking for a good web based link management tool for a number of sites, and MyLinkHelper seems to be perfect. Well thought out, easy to use and effective. This is the final piece in the jigsaw of moving my business to a cloud computing basis.

    Thank you for this service. I wish you continued success with it, and if there is anything I can do to help, then do contact me.

    Company:   For Rent Online

    Feedback Submitted:

    Very easy to set up, and nicely laid out, definately will be an asset on my site. Thanks

    Company:   Firestorm Business Solutions

    Feedback Submitted:

    Hey guys, i really want to say THANK YOU For such a great service

    I have 47 websites online that i currently manage for my customers, and was today looking for a free links service with a couple of easy features. Your program really exceeds my expectations of a free product

    I will certainly let people know about you Many thanks

    Company:   Unknown

    Feedback Submitted:

    I haven't used a link management service as easy and user friendly as My Link Helper. You just copy the script and insert it right into your page. It's as easy as that. I strongly recommend this service to everyone!

    Company:   Site Branders

    Feedback Submitted:

    I love your program! I looked long and hard for something that could be added into my web page and yours worked like a charm!! Thanks!

    Company:   Pursenality

    Feedback Submitted:

    My link helper is fantastic. I love the fact that I can make it fit with the theme of my web pages. What an awesome link management system and for free!

    Company:   Fox River Studio

    Feedback Submitted:

    I wish I would of found this site months ago, I have slacked for a long time because of all the work of putting in links manually and every place I have looked for anything automated there is always way too much in the fine print!!! Join this site and get the script! It's easy, took me 3 minutes to set up and I don't think anything will ever compare to this.... Best of all its FREE no hidden costs, no B.S. just a good thing all around!!!

    Company:   Abide With Me

    Feedback Submitted:

    Having used Link Helper for over a month now, I am impressed. Our previous in-house script was forever being spammed, and we have not had a single spam link request with Link Helper. Our directory is neater and functions beyond our expectations. The staff here is quick to respond to suggestions, and were even helpful in suggesting how we should set up our link catagories. Thanks again for everything. This is a service that is hard to beat.

    Company:   Epsilon Limited

    Feedback Submitted:

    I am very impressed, this is a proffesional and highly effective service, provided free of charge! I am sure your tallent AND your ethics will pay off in the long run.

    Company:   TravelersMed.com, Inc

    Feedback Submitted:

    To say that I am extremely pleased with the services My Link Helper provides would be a master understatement. I manage my own website and even though I am definitely not an expert in the business of linkage control, I do understand the importance of keeping it up to date. It was with this thought in mind that I contacted your company.

    The thought of adding a link management program to an established web site can be quite daunting and yet you and your staff made it comparatively easy. You were there when you were needed and I can only say “Thank you”.

    Company:   Sage-Crew LLC

    Feedback Submitted:

    After I reviewed your informative website and did a background check on their work by speaking with current clients, I decided to sign up. I am glad I decided to become a member of My Link Helper because they truly do exceed your expectations and get you great results. I am so happy with the services at My Link Helper that I have also recently signed up another one of my websites. If you are looking for the opportunity to receive more links, increase your website's page rank, generate more traffic and also get ranked higher in the search engines then I would highly recommend My Link Helper!

    Company:   PropertyNow

    Feedback Submitted:

    I'm just writing to tell you how super impressed I am with your linking script. It's really two super cool tools in one, a links exchange program and a directory builder. It's the easiest one to use that I've come across and yet it looks so professional. I'm going to use it on all my sites and on all my clients sites. To use the aussie vernacular - it's a bloody beauty. I also want to thank you for the superb customer service you have given me... By the way if you want to use this as a testimonial go right ahead and what's more people can email me direct for my opinion and endorsement of your fine product.

    Please let us know how we are doing. We gladly accept both positive and negative feedback. Without your feedback we would just be another links manager. If you would like to submit feedback about our link management service please click Here.

    No software to install, no FTP settings to adjust, just a simple script placed into your own webpage is all you need to get setup! you won't need to have someone help you customize the look and feel of our service, it assumes the settings of your website! Try the demo today...

    My Link Helper: Links Manager Demo

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