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    Free Links Manager Latest News

    No software to install, no FTP settings to adjust, just a simple script placed into your own webpage is all you need to get setup! you won't need to have someone help you customize the look and feel of our service, it assumes the settings of your website! Try the demo today...

    My Link Helper: Links Manager Demo

    [ NEWS ] 4/20/2008
    • My Link Helper - Polished The Look of The Website

    • We recently decided to polish up the look of the website as the initial design looked rushed and some of the elements had been bothering us for some time. Although, these changes do not affect our service we just thought you might want to know if you came to the website and said "Hmmm, something looks different".
    [ NEWS ] 1/17/2008
    • My Link Helper - First Year Anniversary!

    • Off to a great start! helped 1504 web sites with their links directories and have been growing steadily ever since. We have some more surprises in store for 2008 so don't think we are finished quite yet!
    [ NEWS ] 12/10/2007
    • My Link Helper - PHP Configuration Error Identified

    • If you are using the PHP version of my link helper and notice the error 'URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration' when you attempt to access your directory please follow the link below to correct the error.

      FIX: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration
    [ NEWS ] 07/30/2007
    • My Link Helper - Added Link Script Installation Guides

    • We have created step by step installation instructions for installing our ASP, ASPx & PHP link scripts. To view a tutorial please click Link Script Configuration
    [ NEWS ] 04/15/2007
    • My Link Helper - Updated Blacklist Feature to Catch More Violators

    • Removed an issue related to the blacklist function which would allow websites with objectionable content to submit a link to your directory if the offending keyword was in the first position of the input string.
    [ NEWS ] 04/09/2007
    • My Link Helper - Added the abilty to change your User Name and Password

    • Added the ability for website owners and managers to change their own or their clients logon information so that designers of websites can build the links directory for their clients then transfer the account to them to administer their links directory.
    [ NEWS ] 03/31/2007
    • My Link Helper - Added Directory Script for ASPx Websites

    • We have added the ability for websites using ASPx coding to be able to utilize our links management service.
    [ NEWS ] 02/28/2007
    • My Link Helper - Custom Link Request Message

    • Provided new functionality to allow our memebers full control over what text is displayed for potential link partners. We have also given them the option to display the link request text on their main directory or for each of their category pages.
    [ NEWS ] 02/19/2007
    • My Link Helper - Completed the Link Extractor

    • We now have an online link extractor which can visit your old links page and extract the links from the page and upload that information into the link category of your choice!
    [ NEWS ] 02/05/2007
    • My Link Helper - Updated the Control Panel to show sub categories in Directory View

    • You can now administer your links by viewing them exactly as they are shown on within your website's links directory.
    [ NEWS ] 01/27/2007
    • My Link Helper - Added the ability to add up to 25 Link Titles and Descriptions

    • You can now request that your link partners link to you with 25 different link titles and descriptions. We allow you to deep link into your website with the keywords and description that explains an individual page!
    [ NEWS ] 01/22/2007
    • My Link Helper - Added the User Feedback Page

    • Now you can read what other members of our service are saving about MyLinkHelper's Free Links Manager.
    [ NEWS ] 01/18/2007
    • My Link Helper - Updated Link Scripts

    • We have updated our PHP & ASP Links Script to enable the display of Sub-Categories. The sub categories can be shown on your main directory page and the column display can be modified within your ASP or PHP links script.
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