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    Free Links Manager Website Requirements

    Websites who request to use our service must meet two primary conditions:
    • Provide a service to the web community
    • Have the ability to integrate and run (ASP, PHP, ASPx) scripts within their websites.

    Provide a service to the web community

    Only websites who act ethically will be allowed to use our service. We will not allow websites to use our service who do not conform to our terms of service. If you would like to see if your website is able to use our service please see our Unwanted Websites List. If your website cannot be described by our unwanted websites list, then please create your account with us.

    Have the ability to integrate and run (ASP, PHP, ASPx) scripts within their websites.

    Although we are working on a solution to be able to provide our service to webmasters who have static HTML content as of today we do not have any mechanism in place to support static HTML resource pages.

    In order to receive the benefits of our service your website must have the ability to run and execute either ASP or PHP script. The script we use is a simple call to our link management service which then queries your links database and retrieves your information in HTML format. You are in complete control of all of your link information as well as the visual display of your directory.

    Ready to start professionally managing your resource pages? Try our links manager demo today...

    My Link Helper: Link Management Demo

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