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    My Link Helper's Free Links Manager Why Our Service Is Free

    From the very first conversations about we wanted to provide webmasters with a tool which would enable them to easily manage their web resources, and we wanted our service to be free. To be honest, we hadn't a clue about whether we would have competition, as it never really mattered to us being that our service was going to be free. After searching the internet for other free providers of link services we found that there weren't any. We did notice that one company seemed to have an uncontested run to the top and are charging (what we consider) a lot for their service.

    While providing a service to those who need it is often associated with a fee, we are going to provide our service for free until such time as we need to expand our servers or bandwidth to cope with our growth. Even if we decide to charge a small fee in the future, it will be considerably less than the current czar of link management. Also, if we do decide at some point to begin charging for our links manager service any website which signs up before we move to a fee structure will remain free forever. We will never charge for websites added to our service before a fee is imposed.

    How can we offer our links management service for free? The answer is simple: we don't need to a lot of employees. We have built our links manager interface to let our members have full control of both their link partners and the look and feel of their directories. We have made every step in the process as user friendly as possible so even a novice webmaster can create an account with us and within a matter of minutes have a professional link management solution which gives them full control over their link directory. As of February 12th 2007 we have 46 websites currently using our service, and we have yet to receive 1 email stating "How do I...?".

    Our service is user friendly, fast, accurate and under your complete control! Create your account today and enjoy free links management forever!

    No software to install, no FTP settings to adjust, just a simple script copied into your links page is all you need to get setup! Our service is fast, accurate, free and under your complete control! Try our free links manager demo today... Link Management Demo

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